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Gold filled care guide

care guide

a little tlc goes a long way

Gold-filled products are extremely low maintenance and require little care. However, to ensure they shine bright and last a long time, we recommend removing your jewellery pieces when: swimming in chlorine pools and applying perfume. Although our pieces are shower-proof, try your best to avoid having soap or other chemicals come into contact with your jewellery.

to clean

Once in a while, clean your gold-filled jewellery by running them under tap water briefly. Dry it gently with a non-abrasive cloth to remove any chemicals or dirt particles.

to shower

If you choose to shower with your jewellery, ensure that they do not come into contact with soaps. Dry them as soon as possible after a shower to prevent tarnishing.

to store

When your pieces are not worn, do not leave them on bathroom counters or on any other moist surfaces. Instead, store them in a cool and dry location, or in the pouch provided.

to remember

Although gold-filled jewellery is low maintenance, improper care and handling will result in quicker tarnishing and eroding of the gold layer. Even though gold-filled products will last longer than gold plated ones, all gold jewellery that is not solid gold will eventually tarnish with time. Gold-filled products are not 100% tarnish proof and will undergo tarnishing more quickly with exposure to chemicals and sunlight.

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