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let's talk gold

Not all gold jewellery pieces are created equal.

Here's a simple guide to the different types of gold jewellery available:

what is gold filled example

gold plated

  • A very thin layer of gold plated onto a base metal

  • Ranges from 0.175 microns ('gold electroplate', think $1 jewellery) to 0.5 microns ('gold plate') to 2.5 microns ('heavy gold plate'), with most pieces being below 1 micron

  • Highly prone to tarnishing and fading, in as quickly as a couple of months

what is gold filled example

gold vermeil

  • A form of gold plating: 2.5 microns of gold plated onto sterling silver

  • Slightly more resistant to tarnishing and fading as compared to gold plated

  • Suitable for those with extremely sensitive skin due to the exposed sterling silver base when the gold layer eventually wears off

what is gold filled example


  • A thick layer of gold permanently pressure and heat bonded onto a base metal

  • Gold layer typically constitutes at least 5% of the item's total weight, compared to 0.05% in gold plated pieces - 100 times more gold!

  • Very resistant to tarnishing and fading - can last years or a lifetime with proper care

what is gold filled example

solid gold

  • Entirely made of a gold alloy, usually 14 or 18 karats

  • Will never tarnish or fade - lasts forever

  • Comes with a hefty price tag that may be unaffordable to most

in the spirit of choosing better

By choosing to exclusively produce gold-filled jewellery, DAVID X JONATHAN stands to encourage sustainable consumerism with an affordable price tag, making high-quality jewellery accessible to all. Our gold-filled jewellery is also low maintenance - refer to our easy to follow care guide for the best tips on how to keep your pieces shining.

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