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Gold filled sustainability Singapore


jewellery that lasts

DAVID X JONATHAN was founded with sustainability at our core.


Most gold jewellery currently available on the market is plated with an extremely thin layer of gold that tarnishes and wears off within months, resulting in a cycle of disposal and repurchase.

Gold-filled jewellery, with a layer of gold mechanically bonded to the base metal, can last for years with proper care, far longer than the lifespan of gold plated pieces. We hope to break the cycle with our long-lasting pieces that you will be able to wear and love for years to come.

responsible packaging

Unlike other jewellery stores, DAVID X JONATHAN orders do not come with packaging boxes. More often than not, such boxes are immediately disposed of when received. By eliminating the demand for these boxes, we effectively play a part in eliminating the need for their production and disposal.

Our jewellery pieces are carefully packaged in microfibre pouches to withstand their journey to your doorstep and can be used to store your pieces when not in use.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce packaging waste and to utilise packaging materials as sustainably as possible.

ethical production

We carefully review the factories and suppliers that we work with to ensure that all workers are paid fair living wages, work reasonable hours, and do so in safe working conditions.

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